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Technical Computer is a mobile computer repairing computers in Homedale, Idaho. We fix Dell and HP computers that have viruses, adware, flash viruses, ransomeware and spyware. Our business has been in operation since 2002 cleaning computers, hosting and building websites that are mobile phone ready. Phone: 208-896-4676

HP Virus and Ransomeware Removed in Homedale, Idaho

Everyone gets attacked by viruses and ransomeware will shut you out of your computer or give you a black screen.

Computer Repair and Adware Removal

We clean out the bad programs and make your laptop and desktop computers run faster. We also check the fans to make sure they are cooling properly.

power supply

Computer Cleaning

In a desktop computer the fans are always vacuuming in the air around them, then the dust accumulates and starts insulating the components. This in turn causes parts to heat up and wear down faster. The capacitors are especially susceptible to heat and will start failing sooner, so keeping them clean and cool is very important. Power supplies have multiple capacitors running at high and low voltages, and is usually where most of the heat is pushed out of the computer box.

antivirus problems

Antivirus Help

There are paid versions and free versions depending on your personal level of computer savy. The paid versions require bigger processers and more memory performing functions all automatically. And for the computer challenged individual it's a good fit. I have always been looking for the good free ones that need a little setting up but are reliable scanners and virus data base updating. Both of these versions will not stop a flash player virus, so you need to keep it updated or turn it off. A flash virus uses a legitimate program to perform it's dirty work so it goes unrecognized.


Can you make my computer run faster?

YES - Whether it's a desktop or laptop all the inside components are the same. They both get attacked by adware, spyware, viruse, worms, scareware, ransomeware and flash viruses. We have been removing these for over 15 years, but unfortunately, some of these problems damage the operating system forcing a reformat of the computer. We have multiple ways to save your pictures, documents and data such as for QuickBooks or Quicken.