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Technical Computer is a mobile computer repairing service for Jordan Valley, Oregon. We fix Dell, HP and all other computers that have viruses, adware, flash viruses, ransomeware and spyware. Our business has been in operation for 16 years cleaning computers, hosting and building websites that are mobile phone ready. Phone: 208-896-4676

Computer Repair Virus Removal Jordan Valley, Oregon

Everyone gets attacked by viruses and ransomeware will shut you out of your computer. Sometimes an update can give you a black screen. Avoid using sleep mode because in the coarse of a few days to a week your computer will run slower and slower.

Mobile Computer Repair and Adware Removal in Jordan Valley, Oregon

We clean out the bad programs and make your laptop and desktop computers run faster. We also check the fans to make sure they are cooling properly and travel to your home or business to fix the computer.

We enjoy living a simple life and a slow computer can make it frustrating. We come to you and are experts in making computers run their fastest.

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